The Hallucinatory Revelations of a man gone wild into the stop. IT began when your nails started rotting and your hair fell out. Your belly distended, and your lungs collapsed into wooden splinters. This is how you discover the secret to destroying human civilization. It came upon you slowly, and then all of the sudden. Retreating again, a never-happening chimera and then again as solid as a seat. Sleep was no respite, but a time for the decay to work quicker. Your face was a farm of pustules and every mole dreamed of melanoma. Your bowel movements were irregular in time, and varying in texture. You could do nothing that you could not do too much, or not at all. You had not a real penny to your name, but were only a front for all the corporations which owned your debt. Your family was beginning to fade off into cultural idiocies. What was left of you was no more than mists of bad memories coalesced here and there into stolen corporeal pleasures. All loves devolved into betrayal, yours and theirs. You worked in a Federal Depository. And then the sirens started singing.